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15cm High

Hand carved, wooden, dipper by Archipelago.

Archipelago is a well known British brand, renowned for the high quality of its wildlife wood carvings. They have a fair trade partnership with the skilled wood carvers of Bali using sustainable materials. Each piece is hand-carved and painted so every one is unique.

Once no stretch of fast running water was complete without its pair of dippers but nowadays they are becoming a rarer sight. A native of the British Isles, it lives beside rivers in the west and north and its presence is often taken to be a sign of clean water. It may nest underneath small bridges and can be seen perching on low branches or stones in the middle of streams, before plunging into the water in pursuit of its prey. It can stay on the stony bottom for a considerable length of time, bobbing up in unexpected places further up or down stream. The white breast looks brilliant in the sun as it clips and bobs on a perch or flies low over the water. The dipper is the world’s only truly aquatic freshwater bird.