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Hand carved, wooden bird by Archipelago.

Archipelago is a well known British brand, renowned for the high quality of its wildlife wood carvings. They have a fair trade partnership with the skilled wood carvers of Bali using sustainable materials. Each piece is hand-carved and painted so every one is unique.

Gannets are colonial breeders on islands and coasts, which normally lay a chalky blue egg. It take five years for gannets it reach maturity. First-year birds are complately black, and subsequent subadult plumages show increasing amounts of white. The most important nesting ground for northern gannets is the United Kingdom with about two thirds of the world’s population. These live mainly in Scotland and the Shetland Isles. . The Skellig Islands off the south-west coast of Ireland hold some 27,000 pairs of Nothern Gannets, the second largest colony in the world. Gannets hunt fish by diving from a height in to the sea and pursuing their prey underwater. Gannets have a number of adaptations which enable them to do this: they have no external nostrils; they have air sacs in their face and chest under their skin which act like bubble wrapping, cushioning the inpact with the water; their eyes are positioned far enough forward on their face to give them binocular vision, allowing them to judge distances accurately.