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Hand carved, wooden bird by Archipelago.

Archipelago is a well known British brand, renowned for the high quality of its wildlife wood carvings. They have a fair trade partnership with the skilled wood carvers of Bali using sustainable materials. Each piece is hand-carved and painted so every one is unique.


 Phalacrocorax carbo
These elegant and dramatic members of the pelican family can be seen perched on posts, or on rocks near the cliffs where they nest in colonies. The classic outstretched wing position is often assumed to be ‘hanging out to dry’ but it in such an excellently adapted water bird it is now thought more likely to be a spacing gesture, creating an orderly line of birds which allows them to take off in a hurry. They are good fliers and can soar up air currents, but are usually seen flying low in lines over the water. With their webbed feet, cormorants are expert swimmers and can dive down as far as 100 ft., plunging in head first or sometimes just sinking beneath the surface. In China cormorants on chains were trained to catch fish, as seen in classical Chinese paintings. Their superb fishing skill brings them into conflict with fishermen, especially in salmon estuaries or fish farms